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Shane Hudson and the Magic of Real Life

Published in Articles on May 24, 2014

The vast majority of you that knew me when I was younger will remember the near-unhealthy nature of my obsession with the Harry Potter books. That obsession ended up having a very positive impact on my life, though that is a story for another day. Today I would like to talk about real life magic. […]

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Foreword For You Don’t Know JS

Published in Articles on May 3, 2014

I had the honour of writing the foreword for the first book, Scope & Closures, of Kyle Simpson’s You Don’t Know JS series. I urge you to buy the book, it is definitely worth a read no matter your skill or experience, but I’ve also included the foreword.

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Edge Conf 3 Notes

Published in Articles on March 23, 2014

These are my notes of the brilliant Edge Conf 3. It was an incredible honour to be part of the discussion with so many people that I’ve respected and learned from for years. Unfortunately my laptop ran out of battery soon after lunch so these notes do not include some panels such as accessibility and […]

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OPEC Data Visualisation Portal

Published in Articles on February 23, 2014

Update 27/04/2014: You can now find the project in its generic form as GISPortal on GitHub. As many of you already know, I started working at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) in July 2013. As I’ve now been here for about 6 months, I’ve decided it is time to write about the project that I’m working […]

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Responsive Images Meeting Notes

Published in Articles on September 10, 2013

These are my notes about the responsive images meeting in Paris on 10th September 2013. The following are the solution proposals. We will shortly be discussing next steps. These are not the official minutes. Updated notes to include whole day. In conclusion, DPR is highest priority. Both srcset and picture are viable for last call. […]

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